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March 21, 2024 - Other News
Multi-Family Property Waste Plan
This is posed on the City of Regina website under Multi-Family information. We have received no formal communication updates or information of late but hopefully soon.

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March 20, 2024 - Blog Post
The Spring Walkabout aka The Spring Cleanup
SPRING CLEANUP OF THE CONDOMINIUM The snow is melting, it's starting to get warm, and March19,2024 was the first day of spring!

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March 15, 2024 - Other News
Carbon Tax Relief Not for All Homeowners
We have received many questions concerning the carbon tax collection on Energy Bills from Condominium Corporations where one Boiler with one meter is used for heating the entire building including units and common areas. They have not been given the credit for carbon tax. See letter to Minister Duncan.

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LCCI Designation 

LCCI BannerThe LCCI designation is open to any CCI member who provides goods and/or services, through annual employment time and volunteer time, to or within the condominium/strata/co-propiete industry. The designation is open to any particular profession or trade.
LCCI Application Process
Step 1 – Apply:
  • Gather the information for the registration form (eligibility criteria):
    A. An individual or professional member of CCI in good standing;
    B. Minimum of three (3) years as an individual or professional member of CCI immediately prior to the date of application;
    C. Minimum of three (3) years’ service to the condominium industry immediately prior to the date of application. This criterion will be satisfied where an individual shows that they have provided goods and/or services, through annual employment time and volunteer time to or within the condominium industry;
    D. Provide at least two (2) letters of reference/endorsement from a CCI member having at least five (5) years of membership in CCI; and
    E. Provide an executed declaration that the candidate will comply with the  CCI Code of Ethics .
    F. Details of participation in CCI at either the Chapter or National level (including roles on committees and conference/seminar attendance) in the three (3) years immediately preceding the date of new designation application.

    Note that a candidate must demonstrate compliance with Mandatory Criteria (A) to (F) above and any one (1) of two (2) remaining Additional Criteria (G) or (H):

    Additional Criteria:
    Proof of public speaking or presentation experience at two (2) events on condominium related or CCI topics in the three (3) years immediately preceding the date of the new designation application;
    H. At least two (2) written articles on condominium related topics as published in a newsletter, paper or other publication in the three years immediately preceding the date of new designation application;
  • Submit your application on-line with payment of the non-refundable $150 + HST fee
  • Your Chapter will review the application and make recommendations to National,
  • The National Executive will review the Chapter recommendation and either approve or follow up to advise why it was not approved
Step 2 – Upon Approval of Your Application:
  • If National has approved your application, you will be notified, and will be able to begin using your new designation once CCI National has formally notified you of your success.
Maintaining the Designation
  • Successful new designation members will be required to submit an Annual Report of their activities throughout the preceding year. The details of these reports should be similar to the designation criteria. These reports could be uploaded and saved in the National Database under each member’s name. There could be a random annual audit of some Reports to ensure compliance.

Failure to maintain current applicable membership in CCI and/or failure to provide annual reports supporting maintenance requirements will result in the loss of the LCCI designation. Per section 7 of the CCI-N Bylaws, should your membership be revoked, you will no longer meet the criteria to maintain your LCCI designation.

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