Property Tax Fairness Campaign

The Current Property Taxation System is Unfair to Condo Owners

The current municipal taxation system is a mess, totally unfair, and getting worse!
Something must be done.... did you know?


Condominiums are assessed based on market value according to recent sales - this assessments keep appreciating. 

Market value for apartments is based on revenue and depreciation is allowed. 

The result - assessments go up for condos and down for apartments and the assessment gap widens.

The Provincial government must get involved and allow municipalities to access new sources of revenue for people to be treated fairly and equitably.  Changes are also needed in legislations.

What can you do?


Speak up!  Make your vote count! Condominium Owners are a major voting group in an election, lets flex our muscles.

  1. Right now! Contact your candidates for Municipal Councillor and Mayor (telephone, email, or regular mail, or personal contact) and demand that they establish a Tax Reform Committee.  Attend political events and make your views known.
  2. Call, email or write the City Finance Committee and Budget Developers and express your views about this unfair policy.
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We’re Just Getting Started!



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