Bruce Gallagher 1939-2018

We are saddened to learn and advise that a long time CCI Business Partner passed away.


Bruce Gallagher
April 25, 1939 - November 15, 2018

Bruce passed away November 15th with his family by his side at the age of 79.
We offer condolences to his family and friends.

Dawna Matthews for CCI South Saskatchewan



The Garbage Rebate is Back!


Many hours of research, letter writing, phone calls, meetings, survey results ,Council Presentations and support from the Condo Community
was instrumental in the positive vote at City Council last night to reinstate the Garbage Rebate for the present time.
Thank you all for a well-done effort!

Dawna Matthews, President

2018 Garbage Rebate Update!, we need your help again.

We need to let City Council know that condominium homeowners will not stand by while we pay taxes for services that we do not receive.
The only way that the City of Regina is going to change its course is if it hears from its residents that the status quo is unacceptable.

On Oct. 31, 2018 we received the following information:

• It was decided that the response to Council Motion MN18-6 regarding reinstatement of the condo rebate would be incorporated into the Curbside Waste Services Funding Policy Report that was anticipated to go to Council in October. This eliminated the separate report regarding the condo rebate that was scheduled for November.
• The Curbside Waste Services Funding Policy Report was deferred to the first quarter of 2019, essentially deferring the response to the condo rebate until then.

As a result of these changes, the current 2019 Proposed Operating Budget has no provision for reinstatement of the condo rebate. City Council will be provided an update as to the status of the condo rebate discussion and may wish to discuss options for reinstatement as part of budget deliberations at the December 10, 2018 City Council meeting.

We wish to thank Norm Brown for his continued work on this cause.

I have again asked to speak to City Council at their December 10th Budget meeting (5:30 p.m. at Henry Baker Hall) regarding the Condominium Waste Rebate. Attached is a copy of my presentation. I encourage as many people as possible to attend to show support for the reinstatement off the rebate.


Can we fill the house again and let Council know that this is not acceptable?

Get your neighbours, your friends, and your fellow condominium owners to contact their city councillors. The more people who contact council, the better. You can message your councillor directly using the City of Regina Website. Or, if you prefer to call, their phone numbers are listed below:

• E: Phone: 306-539-4081
• E: Phone: 306-539-4081
• E: Phone: 306-539-4081
• E: Phone: 306-570-1995
• E: Phone: 306-536-4250
• E: Phone: 306-519-2232
• E: Phone: 306-949-5025
• E: Mike O'Donnell Phone: 306-545-7300 (Online form only for email)
• E: Phone: 306-519-0078
• E:      Phone: 306-537-9888
• Mayor Fougere: Phone: 306-777-7339 (Online form only for email)

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Welcome everyone! New Tool for CCI SS

Welcome everyone to our new interactive tool to enhance our communication and allow you to be more involved. In addition to our website, our new GeniePad website provides unique and interactive features that allows you to be involved in our community. You will have access to different types of communications such as news, a discussion forum where you can share information and various CCI related documents and will soon include an events calendar.

All owners whether in a self managed or Property managed Condominium can join as long as they are CCI members.

Here are some new and exciting features available upon registering:

1. News - Where we will share announcements such as events and activities happening in our Chapter and others as well.

2. Documents - A convenient way to access various documents such as policies, bylaws, forms and our Newsletter. (Registered members ONLY)

3. Message Forum - You and your CCI South Saskatchewan Board may easily post messages for quick and effective communication with all condo corporations and their owners. YOU can share information between yourselves without us being involved. FULLY automated to broadcast the information via email by GeniePad.

INVITATION extends to all your owners who want their own information

4. Contact - This is your direct contact to CCI-South Saskatchewan Board of Directors. An email will be sent to all board members
simultaneously. (Registered members ONLY)
This application was provided to us as a complimentary system by Rafal Dyrda from Alberta ( and a fellow CCI member. The software is primarily designed for condo Corporations to offer good communication with their owners. Some of the features will not be used at our level but are available to Condo Boards for a nominal fee.

5. Access - To gain access you will be required to provide a personal email address and fill-in your profile information. Once you do a message will be sent to our administrator and you will be assigned a status. An email from GeniePad will confirm your acceptance. (Registered members ONLY)
Thank you to our private Website Sponsor.
Rafal Dyrda and GeniePad

New:There is new wording concerning Cannabis in the Govt. of Saskatchewan Fact Sheet on Bylaws

For more information, click here:


Property Tax Fairness

The Current PropertyTaxation System is Unfair to Condo Owners - DEMAND CHANGE!



Start emailing, writing, calling the provincial government, party leaders, municipal government


Here are some examples of things you can say to political leaders:

CCI is entering a new level of lobbying and it is important that all condominium owners get involved!

We may be able to support a presenter at Feb. 27,2018 City Hall Budget meeting. Stay tuned.



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