May 19, 2023 - Blog Post

Who the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) is and why you should Join!

We are the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI), the only national organization in Canada dedicated to supporting the condominium community. Our mission is to promote and advance the interests of condominium corporations in Canada through education, advocacy, and the provision of resources and services.

The Canadian Condominium Institute is the voice of condominiums in Canada. It is a large, independent, non-profit organisation that only deals with condo-related concerns on a national level. CCI, which was established in 1982, is the collective voice of all condominium residents.

The Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) objectives are centered around education, professional assistance, legislative improvements, and development of standards. CCI promotes better standards for all services provided to clients of condominiums by encouraging the provincial and federal governments to improve the law.

Through educational courses, seminars, and networking opportunities, CCI aims to equip condominium directors, homeowners, and suppliers with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage their affairs. Members can seek professional assistance from CCI for resolving condominium problems or referrals to appropriate professionals and services. Additionally, CCI's Provincial Legislative Committees work towards improving legislation affecting condominiums to ensure proper protection for directors and homeowners.

Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) has also developed standards of competence in six key areas of condominium life, which include law, accounting, property management, insurance, real estate, and building sciences. Through education and examination, CCI recognizes members who attain the required standard with Professional Associate status (LCCI). Overall, CCI's objectives demonstrate a commitment to elevating the standards and practices of the condominium industry while serving the needs of its members and residents.

If you're a unit owner or director in a condominium corporation in Southern Saskatchewan, the Southern Saskatchewan Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) can provide you with a wealth of information and resources. Our board members are all volunteers with experience as unit owners themselves, so they can offer practical advice on how to deal with issues that arise in your corporation.

We also offer courses, workshops, and seminars on a variety of topics, including the legal interpretation of the Condominium Properties Act, insurance, director's responsibilities, reserve management, and budgeting. In addition, we keep members up-to-date on industry news with a semi-annual newsletter. And if there are issues that affect the condominium community at large, the Southern Saskatchewan Chapter of CCI has a voice that can act on your behalf before the government and other bodies.

Joining the Southern Saskatchewan Chapter of CCI can provide a range of valuable benefits for anyone with an interest in the condominium community. As a member, you'll have access to certified experts in the field who can offer advice and guidance based on their experience. You'll also enjoy discounted rates when registering for CCI-sponsored courses, seminars, and other events, as well as receive up-to-date information, news, and events through chapter and national newsletters.

Members can also benefit from networking opportunities with industry leaders at Canadian Condominium Institute events and significant discounts when attending the CCI National Annual Convention, where you can see the latest ideas and products at the trade show. In addition, membership gives you a voice in CCI's lobbying efforts for better reforms to the government on behalf of all condominium owners. With these benefits and more, joining the Southern Saskatchewan Chapter of CCI is the best choice for anyone with an interest in the condominium community.

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