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WCB Reminder-Condos are not exempt

Condominiums are not exempt from Workers Compensation. We must complete an 'Employer's Registration Application'

WCB are very helpful when completing the process. Once you are registered:

 a. request a Letter of Good Standing before the contractor arrives once a date for the work has been confirmed;

 b. after the work is completed and before they are paid, request a Letter of Clearance. If they are not in good standing you may be liable for any contractors’ premiums;

c. seasonal or annual contractors, complete the process as close to the timeframe of payment;

d. for subcontractors, it is done at the end of the year when the Employer’s Payroll Statement is completed by totalling the money paid to them for that year;

4. Employer’s Payroll Statement (EPS)

Complete an 'Employers Payroll Statement' each year listing the people/firms you hire during the year to perform various tasks, i.e. garage door maintenance, plumbers, electricians, painters, window cleaners, etc.

a. The form is received at the beginning of the year. It is used to report our business’ actual wages for the previous year and to provide an estimate for the upcoming year.

b. Instructions are quite clear as to how to complete the EPS and is done online.

c. Once WCB has assessed the information we are invoiced our levy amount for that year.

Visit their website for full details at:

Reporting to the WCB | Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board (wcbsask.com)

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