March 19, 2023 - Other News

Update on the meeting with Mayor Masters


  On March 17, 2023, Scott Wilson, President of Wascana Estates Condominium Corporation (WECC), Jeff Campbell, Vice President of WECC and CCI Board Member South Saskatchewan (CCI), and Dawna Matthews, President of CCI, met with Mayor Sandra Masters at Regina City Hall to discuss the open letter presented on March 9, 2023 regarding elimination of manual garbage pickup for 927 condominium owners in Regina, CCI's concerns about the elimination of the garbage collection rebate for condo owners, and a lack of communication from the City of Regina on this and other issues related to garbage and recycling pickup.


At the end of the meeting, Mayor Masters advised she will:


1. Look into why the Canadian Condominium Institute South Saskatchewan (CCI), an "interested party," was not consulted and therefore was unable to communicate changes to garbage and recycling services to Regina condominium owners. The Mayor said she would ensure CCI is more informed in the future (meaning so will we as condo owners).

2. Check into whether property taxes for 2023 included garbage fees in the assessment and consider a reimbursement if that is the case.

3. Take a closer look at the history of the condominium garbage and recycling rebate (amounts, who received it, why it was eliminated,  potential replacements)

4. Investigate the possibility of a user pay model for manual pickup for the 927 condos that had to hire private companies for garbage and recycling services (such a situation could involve City manual pickup being restored at a new rate)                                      

More details will be forthcoming as updated in the form of an email blast.

Thank you for your support,

Dawna Matthews, President

CCI South Saskatchewan


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