June 21, 2023 - South Saskatchewan Chapter News

Regina City Council Meeting | June 21, 2023

This was live streamed through Access Communications and the video link is:

Regina City Council | June 21, 2023 - YouTube

The presentation covered :

The lack of consultation with CCI South Saskatchewan concerning this topic.

Our interpretation of consultation is as found in the Cambridge Dictionary:

  “ the act of exchanging information and opinions about something in order to reach a better understanding of it or to make a decision, or a meeting for this purpose

Our understanding is there is no facility in place as yet and construction has not begun. We are not aware of any current third party provider of this service.

As this has yet to occur and inadequate information is available as to how this will impact condominiums,

We respectfully request that this bylaw decision be deferred until all consultation has occurred.

Dawna Matthews, President

CCI South Saskatchewan



Jeff Campbell, Vice-President

CCI South Saskatchewan

Stay tuned for more information and committee work needed to come up with a plan for us as condominiums!! Special thanks to Jeff for presenting and Scott Wilson (our new committee member???) for all his assistance.





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